I created Tali using the Procreate app on the iPad Pro. Before creating her, I knew that I wanted a funky girl from outer space, so I went ahead and made the base with wide hips and space buns for her hair style. As I was drawing her body the wide hips made her look very disproportionate, so I had to adjust them to be a bit smaller. Dressing her was quite fun, I love 90's style windbreakers, so I just had to give her one with a modern twist. Pleated skirts give me horrible flashbacks to my days at a Catholic high school, but sometimes they work. I drew the skirt to be much sexier than school uniforms. Since I was doing the uniform look I decided to go with some thigh high socks to match the skirt. I drew her face to give off a psychedelic festival look. I drew her shoes while inking, I gave her Converse, since that is what I always wore with my high school uniform. After completion of inking her, I chose a color scheme that would be both funky and alien like which resulted in her final form!
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